Rob Tucker presents Fabric Studio & Origin at NAB 2023

Rob Tucker, Fabric CPO, presents at NAB 2023, covering the launch of Fabric Origin, and intro to Fabric studio, a summary of Fabric's partnership with IMDb, and a sneak peek at the Authenticated Data Standard.


Build or Buy?

'We can build that ourselves'


Metadata Transformation: Six Steps to Success

Six steps to guide your business through a metadata transformation process to deliver world class entertainment experiences and become a future-proofed business.


Fabric & AWS at NAB 2022

Rob Tucker presents a demonstration on the AWS stand at NAB 2022. The session showcases Fabric's data aggregating and reporting capabilities.


The Subtleties of Synopsies

Since the advent of social media, most people have begun to appreciate how much - or how little - it is possible to say when writing with a very limited number of characters.


Six Steps to Success

Fabric Founder Rob Tucker talks about metadata in the context of the Media & Entertainment Industry, and walks through the 6 steps you need to go through for a successful metadata transformation journey.


Reinventing IFE Sales & Syndication with Fabric Connect

A chasm has opened up in the in-Flight Entertainment industry - between the slick technology used by airline passengers, and the creaking legacy systems and processes that the IFE industry and their airline clients use for the process of sales and syndication.


Metadata Best-Practice

Rob Tucker, Fabric CPO, delivers a rapid-fire assessment of the 5 major metadata problems faced by most media and entertainment businesses, plus the steps required to fix them.


Fabric Localization

A brief overview of the Fabric's award-winning Localization management component. Streamlining the process of preparing international content.

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