Get everyone on the same page

Built on cutting-edge technology and designed with user-experience at the forefront, Fabric's responsive Studio platform performs at every scale.

Title Catalog Management

Get your whole organization on the same page, using the same data. Studio provides a categorical source of truth for title catalog data within an organization preventing record duplication in the supply chain.

Catalogs & Record Types

Fabric's versatile Studio platform manages a vast array of record types including movies, shows, seasons, episodes, storylines, live events and specials, trailers, games, clips, behind-the-scenes, trailers and more.

Metadata Enrichment

Enable the simple enrichment of catalog titles via users, Fabric Origin, or 3rd party data suppliers, or automatically from integrations with enrichment sources and other systems, to compile the definitive set of data.

Process Automation

Replace time consuming and costly legacy manual tasks with smart automation of supply chain processes. Fabric's automation has helped our customers save millions of dollars by rationalizing manual processes.

Supply Chain Control Tower

Seamless integrations across your supply chain bring back key data attributes (like avails from rights or asset details for a MAM) and present them through a simple dashboard interface - making data easily accessible.

Reporting & Data Insights

Advanced reporting tools make it simple to surface insights based on any attributes stored in the catalog, delivering unmatched visibility and enabling data-driven decisions, helping to get ahead of deliveries.

Content Review & Sharing

Put your content marketplace into your clients hands with 'Connect', Fabric's dedicated sales and syndication platform that can display titles based on rights and availability, enabling self-serve for sales and licensing.

Localization Management

Fabric's award winning localization platform streamlines the core localization processes, increasing productivity and reducing the margin for error, while keeping a clear audit trail through the international supply chain.

Unify your media supply chain with Studio’s configurable platform and infinitely customizable features, access, bespoke fields & seamless integrations.

User Policies & Permissions

Define user policies and permissions to allocate or restrict access to high value or embargoed content within your own organization, or to share content securely with external 3rd parties, with Studio's permissions feature.

Record Builder

Use Fabric Studio's Record Builder to configure the precise collection of attributes and fields that are required for delivery in your supply chain, complete with specific taxonomy, client IDs, and Supply chain & 3rd party IDs.

Task Manager

Plan, track and allocate your catalog management tasks from the Task Manager within Fabric Studio to govern what records are being created, track and approve records, assign tickets to users, and set priorities and statuses.


Fabric Studio's API Gateway allows for the rapid build and deployment of integrations, enables powerful and comprehensive automatic title enrichment, and performs data aggregation, reporting and delivery at scale.

Bulk Upload

Map, validate, normalize and import spreadsheet data with ease with Studio's Bulk Upload, which supports multiple file types including CSV, TSV, XLS, XML, and JSON, so you can upload your data in the format that suits you best.

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