Fabric, Lionsgate and IMDb at NAB 2023

Rob Delf, Fabric CEO, Renee McGinnis, EVP of IT at Lionsgate Entertainment, and Natasha Bishop, Head of Business Development for IMDb speak at NAB 2023 to discuss how Fabric and IMDb's new partnership have made it easy for Lionsgate to seamlessly enrich thier data with a turnkey data solution.


Rob Delf speaks to IABM at NAB 2023

Rob Delf, Fabric CEO, speaks to IABM at NAB 2023 about the launch of Fabric Origin


Here's Why You Should Add Theatrical Trailers to Your VOD Platform

Fabric Origin is the largest B2B aggregator of movie, TV and game promotional videos in the world.


Future-Proofing: Why Your Trailers Should be in 4K

4k Content is the new normal. Don't get left behind!


Trending Data Can Improve Your User's Entertainment Discovery Experience

Monitor trends to serve up the most popular and engaging content.


Origin Power Rating: A New Way to Rate Movies, TV Shows and Celebrities

Fabric Origin is offering its clients a new way to sort titles that will lift their Average Revenue Per User.


ID-Free Entertainment Data Matching

Normalize your data sources to create a clean and standardized master database of your own.


Pre-Curated Collections Make Discovery Easy.

Help viewers find titles they are interested in with Origin's pre-curated Collections.

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