Why Origin?

Origin has the largest catalog of trailers, video clips and value-add content, accompanied by unique business insights, platform availability and trending data. Discover how Origin can boost your customer engagement.

Turbo Charged Discovery

Video is now the #1 preferred form of consumer engagement across all forms of media, and Trailers are an indispensable part of content discovery for M&E, turbo-charging content recommendations to customers with recognizable high-value short-form content. Your audience won't just discover content - they will enjoy the journey of discovery.

Smart Curation

Monetize your deep catalog with smart thematic curation, surfacing dormant legacy content through smart thematic curation, ready-made title carousels and off-the shelf seasonal content selections. Use Origin smart curation to boost discovery and enhance your audience's relationship with your content.

Immediate Access

Deploy Origin data immediately. No prolonged process. No complex agreements. Simply select your chosen tier, enter your details, and deploy Origin's rich contextual data, dynamic images and super-engaging trailers and value-add content. Sign up for immediate access now.

Market Intel

Be on top of the market with all the latest trends in entertainment, plus Pre-market VOD and Digital Sales. Keep up to speed on the newest theatrical movies, newest original movies on streaming services, the biggest TV shows on TV and streaming, hottest video games and celebrities associated with them.

Native Integration

Nothing could be simpler than applying Origin data into your catalog in Fabric Studio. Begin auto-enrichment with a single click to deploy rich contextual multimedia assets - trailers, clips, behind-the-scenes and value-add content, along with artwork and imagery and a dashboard of trending data and availability intel. Sign up now for immediate access.

Bad metadata can compound over time, delivering a poor user experience, destroying value and degrading product quality.

Poor catalog coverage & missing attributes.
Limited language availability.
Culturally outdated data and legal risk.
Inconsistent tone incongruous with brand.
Cumbersome onboarding processes.
Prohibitive costs from inflexible bundles.
Guillotined copy from inconsistent length.
Onerous manual enrichment processes.

Limited Video Content

Video is now the #1 preferred form of consumer engagement across all forms of media. Trailers and value-add content are the essential additions to your content discovery offering.

Complex Contracts

Long contract negotiations, complicated usage agreements and cumbersome onboarding processes slow down implementation and delay access and deployment.

Low Quality Metadata

Low quality metadata can contain poor spelling and grammar, errors, inconsistencies of capitalisation, style and length, and even culturally outdated content or legal liability.

Poor Catalog Coverage

Patchy catalog coverage can require manual enrichment work to augment paid metadata, particularly when limited language availability necessitates further content localization.

Manual Processes

Onerous manual title matching and ID retrieval processes can create supply chain bottlenecks, increase the risk of human error and slow down content delivery.

Lack of Standards

Fabric are the Co-Authors of the Authenticated Data Standard, set for release at IBC 2023, which will define a new metadata delivery standard for the M&E industry.

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