Fabric features.

Learn about existing and upcoming features & capabilities.

Title Catalog Management

  • Record Types; Features, Supplemental Content, Short-Form Content, Shows, Seasons, Episodes, Storylines & Games.
  • Origination; Country of Origin, Primary & Additional Language, Release Year, Duration, Participating Studios.
  • Descriptors; Genres, Sub-Genres, Keywords, Moods, Emotions + Custom Client Controlled or Free Indexes.
  • Classifications; Age Guidance, MovieLabs Content Rating Encoding, Common Sense Media, Official & Internal Certifications.
  • URLs; Unlimited related Links & Link Descriptions for internal or external system reference.
  • Identifiers; Configurable Customer Internal & Supply Chain IDs + all common third party source IDs.
  • Regional Descriptions; Client-configured Multiple Title & Synopsis Length Descriptions.
  • Images; JPG, PNG, AVIF & GIF Support with dedicated Image Metadata Records (IDs, tags, links & more).
  • Cast & Crew; Object-based - all common roles types with Character Names, Ranking & Regional Character Support.
  • Awards; Object-based - Popular Bodies with Year, Result & Category with Ranking & Regional Character Support.
  • Linkage; Manage all relationships between Titles - TV Show Hierarchy, Feature + Trailer, Value-Add Content & more.
  • Measurement; IMDB, Metacritic & Rotten Tomato Ratings, Box Office Data and Physical, Theatrical & Digital Releases.
  • Security Levels; Assign security levels to records to ensure managed access.
  • Record Statuses: Configure record status lists for record assignment.
  • Running Orders; Manage multiple running orders underneath Seasons. Create unlimited alternate Running Orders for sales & syndication, platform delivery and regional compliance regulations.
  • Airing Orders; Automatically create complete Airing Orders across entire Shows for seamless loop play.
  • Multiple Catalog Support; Manage multiple business units catalogs within the same application, uniquely managed and tied to User Role Permissions.
  • Bulk Image Filtering; Filter available Record Images via any metadata attributes. Download any images or groups of images through intuitive UI controls.
  • Trivia; Easy management of record details, considerations or pieces of valuable informative data.
  • Multi-Language Support; All key editorial metadata Components are supported in over 140 Languages.
  • Regional Writing Systems; All key editorial metadata values are supported in over 35 Regional Writing Systems.
  • Attribute Provenance & Statuses; Attribute Tags maintain data provenance for a full audit trail of data IP. All attributes support client configurable status management.

Application Capabilities

  • Title Collections: Group titles together with a unified Metadata record & Imagery for Platform Presentation.
  • Localization Manager: Place and track Localization Orders for Translations, Subtitles, Dub Tracks and much more.
  • Advanced Search: Create detailed logic-driven searches and reports across any of your catalog attributes.
  • Data Manager: Manage all your system Lists and Data sets through the elegant and powerful List & Data Set Manager.
  • Record Builder; Configure your own title types, data attributes & record relationships.
  • User Role Manager; Configure user roles & access permissions to the field level.
  • Bulk Data Ingest; Fully validated, fast & performant ingest of template spreadsheets.
  • Bulk Image Ingest; Comprehensive bulk image management tools, ingest up to 1,000 images per session via clear UI tools, API or S3 transfer.
  • Service Desk; Client service desk & user support accessible directly from within the application.

Process Automation

  • Actions; Configure automated enrichment processes from any connected API sources. (Eg. Automatically match new titles with EIDR, Gracenote TMS, enrich from IMDB, and retrieve ratings from Common Sense Media.)
  • Supply Chain Processes; Configure downstream triggers for Placeholder & Folder Hierarchy Creation, Shell Record Creation, Catalog Reconciliation and Naming & ID assignment.

Supply Chain Dashboard

  • Aggregate key data points from across the supply chain into a normalized structure & design language for unrivaled user accessibility and reporting.
  • Rights; Configurable Integration-Driven storage of all core Rights Metadata.
  • Scheduling; Configurable Integration-Driven storage of all standard Linear & Non-Linear Scheduling Attributes.
  • Assets; Standalone or Integration-Driven storage of Asset + Component Technical Metadata, Subtitles & Dub Tracks.
  • Streaming Videos; Store lightweight streaming versions of your videos for rapid playback through the Meta UI.
  • Financial; Store Catalog Buy / Sell Rates for titles and collections of titles, calculate margins, export data & more.

Advanced Reporting

  • Build advanced search filters, scheduled reports & up to date status dashboard across all of your aggregated data points (Titles, Rights, Scheduling, Assets & Localizations).
  • Asset Tracking; Report against assets statuses through the supply with an Asset Management Integration.
  • Metadata & Asset Readiness; Proactively provide priority reports to metadata and content teams for upcoming platform deliveries.
  • Regional Platform Delivery Statuses; Present catalog preparation statuses for all platforms & all regions.
  • Localization Statuses; Have up-to-the-minute information on Localization Status orders, Studio performance and Localized Asset deliveries.
  • Record Duplication; Continually scan your catalog to ensure duplicate titles are not created.
  • Attribute Duplication; Identify and resolve any duplicated data points throughout your catalog.
  • Infinitely Configurable; Report filter sets can be configured to present up-to-date data and status from all connected supply chain systems.

Content Review and Sharing

  • Intuitive UI; Manage via dedicated pages in the Meta platform, assign Users to User Groups, assign Countries & Rights Platforms to the Group, create Collections and Lineups to share.
  • Perpetual Rights Verification; Inherent rights verification ensures the validity of lineups, rights-based surfacing of titles drives discovery, by presenting all available options - even those in 'deep catalog'.
  • Lineup Manager; Total content configurability gives complete control and ultimate flexibility over what titles to share with your partners.
  • Content Selections; Group titles into orders for sales and syndication content ordering, review, budgeting or query, select alternative Language Audio Tracks, Subtitles, or filter by Distributor & Rights Platform.
  • Metadata Presentation; Configure the metadata you want to display to your clients in the platform, such as: Origination, Ratings, Box-Office Measurements, Synopsis, Language Availability and Rights.
  • Video; Essential tools in the sales & syndication process, Meta allows for: Full-length screeners, trailers, supplemental content, promos and more, alongside programme information.
  • Discovery; Display your full catalog in an appetizing format, monetise a greater breadth of legacy content, drive discovery of more assets.
  • Supply Chain Integration; Orders submitted through “Fabric Connect” are first validated before being automatically fulfilled.
  • Drive Scheduling; Configure “Fabric Connect” to automatically drive scheduling & downstream supply chain processes.
  • Advanced Filtering; “Fabric Connect” users can filter content by Genre, Rating, Distributor, Rights Platform or Availability.
  • Responsive Search; “Fabric Connect” uses the same ElasticSearch component as the core Fabric platform, enabling lightning-fast indexing of millions of titles in milliseconds.

Localisation Management

  • Create & manage comprehensive Localization orders & trigger workflows to over 200 International Localization Studios.
  • Configurations; Stakeholder Status Notifications, First Use Dates, Turnaround Times, Order Types (Subtitles, Dubbing, Voiceover, Accessed & Translations), Studio, Scripts & Screeners, Studio Notes, Graphics Localization, Song Dubbing & Accessibility.
  • Proactive; Automatically create Asset Management Placeholders and provide timely notifications to stakeholder groups for chasing.


  • Sources; IMDB, EIDR, Common Sense Media, Rotten Tomatoes, Canvs, Rekognition, Gracenote, Box Office Mojo, Metacritic, OMDB, TMDB, GreyMeta Curio, Gracenote, Google Translate & AWS Translate.
  • Supply Chain; OKTA, Rightsline, IBMS Operative, IPM Fadel, Wirewax, Accurate Player, Prime Focus Clear, Atelier, CatDV, Elements, Vidispine, Iconik, Asset Bank, MediaGenix, Workato, JBoss Fuse, Movida, Sony MB, Workato, Reshuffle, Looker, Elemental & Mediagenix.

Upcoming Features

  • People; Biographies, Images, Life Dates, IDs, Names, Height, Key Places, Nationality, Credits, Companies & Sports Data.
  • Catalog Triage; Dedicated application component for the automated identification of common data errors. Bulk tools to allow users to rapidly remediate issues.
  • Title Activity Trail; Expose full audit trail for every attribute through the UI.
  • Platform Delivery Manager; Transform Fabric data structures into platform specific metadata formats.
  • EPG Manager; Retrieve & present EPG schedules from connected Linear Scheduling systems.